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Be Strong and Let Your Heart Take Courage Too

March 4th, 2018 | by Richard Paul
Be Strong and Let Your Heart Take Courage Too
Business and Finance

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Chapter Six

The Harden Criminal

As the Crown prosecutor, Desmond McGarry, rose to address the judge, the courtroom fell silent at the commencement of his request.

“Your Honor, the prosecutor’s office has evaluated the information concerning Mr. Condo and we would advise the courts be notified the Crown’s office will be seeking permission from the Attorney General of Ontario that Mr. Condo be held over to undergo an evaluation at the Penetanguishene Mental Health Facility for the criminally insane to determine, through a 60 day evaluation, by a team comprised of forensic specialists, in view of having Mr. Condo declared a Dangerous Offender under Section 753 of the Criminal Code of Canada, to have said individual confined in a Federal penitentiary for an indefinite period of time or, as we know it, life imprisonment.”

“Mr. Condo,” replied the judge,” I am aware that your counsel is no longer handling your case in view of this application, which the Crown’s office is seeking forth this day, however, would you be willing to contact another lawyer to better prepare yourself for this phase of the sentencing hearing?”

“No, your Honor,” I am capable and understanding of the matter and thus consent to the Crown Attorney’s request to be held over for a 60 day evaluation at the Penetanguishene Facility to facilitate the crowns wishes.”

“Then, Mr. Condo, you are hereby remanded to the custody of the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Center until you shall be transferred to the Penetanguishene Mental Health Facility, whereby you will undergo a 60 day evaluation, required under Section 754 with respect to assessment and consent for the application of a Dangerous Offender hearing, proceedings governed by Part 24 of the Code which jurisdiction is conferred by Section 752. Court is adjourned.”

Being led away in handcuffs and shackles, while the thundering gavel reverberated an uneasy tempest on the horizon, the prison guards looked at each other, and smirked to one another, in view of the calamity now about to beset their prisoner.

Chapter Seven

The Conviction

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