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Donald Trump: “These ‘Freedom Fighters’ Fly Planes Into Our Buildings”

April 14th, 2018 | by Richard Paul
Donald Trump: “These ‘Freedom Fighters’ Fly Planes Into Our Buildings”
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“These ‘Freedom Fighters’ Fly Planes Into Our Buildings” – A List Of All The Times Trump Warned Against Attacking Syria


President Donald Trump ran on a platform of “America First” non-interventionism, promising to bring US troops home from the Middle East and to back away from other lower-profile military entanglements.

Instead, the president has presided over an unprecedented increase in military spending, authorized a small troop surge in Afghanistan and now launched his second round of airstrikes – much to the delight of the mainstream media establishment Trump claims to despise.

As we pointed out earlier, even John McCain, who has seized every opportunity to spite Trump and his allies, praised the president for taking action against the Assad regime.

Trump Rally elections




Trump’s transformation from noninterventionist to neocon hawk is a relatively recent development. In a testament to his transformation, theDaily Caller gathered all of Trump’s tweets warning against a military intervention in Syria.

Of course, the president wasn’t the only US politician to applaud the “one-time” military intervention in Syria.

Sen. John McCain tweeted his approval: “I applaud the President for taking military action against the Assad regime and I am grateful to our British and French allies for joining us in this action…”


Indeed, Trump has won McCain’s approval for what appears to be the first time since last year’s airstrike.

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, hardly a staunch opponent of interventionism, pointed out the hypocrisy embedded in Trump’s words.


A phrase indelibly associated with the Iraq War and inaccurate early declarations. Trump ran against the Iraq War 

“Mission accomplished” indeed.


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