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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


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Photo: Oyster Films Productions/ Damascus Productions

This site does not generate any monies from any outside sources whatsoever. Nor does it advertise other than its own creative works at no cost. This is a personal web site by a man of 55 years of age, born in November 1963,  who wants people informed by what others are writing from around the world. And we publish for the express purpose of intellectual, entertainment and educational purposes concerning alarming matters in geo-political, financial and social matters.


Welcome to Danielle Magazine. It’s my daughters name. Born in May. A good song by the Bee Gees However, is a continuation of started prior to my formal training in theology, which ran from around 2014-15 until Danielle made it to the international news category. Specifically ,we print articles which demonstrate the crazy world in which we live in today!


My name is Richard Paul Condo, In Buckingham, QC. CA. I took the Condo out of my name since Condo is an Aboriginal name meaning rock. And since there is now another Rock in my life. It was polite to take it off!



Jerome H. Smith, Scholar & writer at , along with Lavender’s New Testament Preface at Jerome H. Smith is Author/Editor of Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible.

Dear Richard,

 This is of great interest!

May the Lord continue to guide and bless you as you pursue your ministry!




I wanted to share with you personally some updates regarding Diane and I’s ambition to plant a church in the Buckingham area.

We have come far in such a short period, even if it has been about 6 or 7 weeks already, the time of the St Patrick celebrations in Buckingham, QC  as I also reserved three names on the NUANS system for federally incorporated names. The Baptist Churches of Canada , The Baptist Church of Canada and The Baptistes Church of Canada. . It is pending approval within so many days , 90, for the check to be done. Surprisingly, no-one has these names in Canada. is also now associated with our modest endeavours. And so is the church we are currently negotiating with Mr. Eli, my wife and I.

It is very early yet but we are very encouraged by providence bringing circumstances together for the good of those that love Him.

I have also included the Elders Baptistes church in Buckingham on this email. Since we may all be neighbours.

Kindest Regards

Pasteur Richard Paul


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Curriculum Vitae



Police Check Criminal Background from 1980 ( 16years old) to 2002 , 8 pages- RCMP

Younger pic

Ottawa Police, May 1999

1986-2006: Federal Penitentiary entered; Millhaven, Cowansville, Joyceville, Bath, Pittsburg, Archambault, Donaconna, Drummondville, Warkworth and Macaza.

1980-1986: Provincial Prisons; OCDC, Quinte, Guelph, Millbrook, Walkertown, L’orignal, etc

1977-1980: Juvenile Detention Centres; Bronson, Alfred , Oakville.

1976-1977: Juvenile group homes; 5 of them.

Homeless at 6 to 7 yrs old & 12 yrs old from 1976-1989 , grateful for CL; Drug addict for 12 yrs, 16 yrs old between 1980-1992, intravenous user, 25 yrs in prison.

Prisoner, FPS # 365559b

It’s why they have country songs!



Feb 2016-2018- Founder of,, and, along with and The Baptist Church of Canada( pending NAUNCES search and then incorporation with Industry Canada)


flamingtext__25498785978186788 (3)coollogo_com-288681754Danielle sign

Published author, Be Strong and Let Your Heart Take Courage, 1999 & Be Strong and Let Your Heart Take Courage Too, 2016

Producer/Director; Feature Films & Documentary, In The Bag, 2009.  Sec. 753.2, 2008. Dangerous Offender, 2008-2009

Entrepreneur: Various businesses 2006-2016

Travelled extensively throughout 42 American States, all of Canada. Central America; San Jose, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Cuba, Dominican Republique. Europe; Spain, France, Italy, Greece. Africa; Morocco, Casablanca and Egypt. The Straight of Gibraltar. Israel, Jerusalem. Moscow ( airport). Thailand, Hong Kong and Buckingham, QC

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As I travelled and lived with families along the road at times. Here in the slums of San Jose, Costa Rica, a family in dire straights living with hope and smiles amiss their living conditions. I emptied my travelling bank account for them , but it was surely not enough, for I left to come back to my family!

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 November 22, 2017-March 22, 2018

                        Commissioned Pastoral Diploma

                        Diploma of Ministry

                        Advanced Diploma Ministry

                        Christian Leaders Diploma

                        Continuing Ministry Diploma

                        Christian Leader Connection Certificate 

                        Christian Bible Leaders Certificate

                        Bible Study Leader Certificate

                        There are 11 such certificates or Diploma now accomplished. I listed 8 for you.

It all started here really. Not my life but how I got myself into such a ministry to “preach the gospel, not where Christ was already named, that I might not build upon another man’s foundation.” Romans 15:20

Courses Completed since November 22, 2017 to March 22,2018

Total of 87 Credit Hours and a GPA of 3.256

       Year              Semester                  Hours                      Grade                           Course

  • 2018                   1st                                     4                                   B+                               Thriving Marriages
  • 2018                  1st                                      4                                   B                                 Church Planting – (Marketing)
  • 2018                  1st                                      3                                   B+                               Introduction to Chaplaincy
  • 2018                  1st                                      4                                   A-                                Missions and Revivals
  • 2018                  1st                                      3                                   C+                               History 1 – World History
  • 2018                  1st                                      4                                   A-                                Sermon Construction and Presentation
  • 2018                  1st                                      3                                   B                                  Early Church History
  • 2018                  1st                                      3                                   A-                                Christian Ethics
  • 2018                  1st                                      3                                   A-                                Christian Apologetics
  • 2018                  1st                                      3                                   B+                               Evangelism: Presenting Grace
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   B+                               Hermeneutics and Exegesis
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   B+                               Prayer
  • 2017                  3rd                                     4                                   B+                               Biblical Interpretation 2: New Testament
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   B+                               Old Testament Literature, History and Theology
  • 2017                  3rd                                     4                                   B                                  Biblical Interpretation 1: Old Testament
  • 2017                  3rd                                     4                                   C+                               Theology II
  • 2017                  3rd                                     4                                   B                                  Theology I
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   C-                                Economics 101
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   B                                  People Smart for Ministry
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   B+                               Old Testament Survey
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   B+                               Church and Ministry
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   A-                                Pastoral Care and Marriage
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   B+                               New Testament Survey
  • 2017                  3rd                                     4                                   A-                                Church History
  • 2017                  3rd                                     4                                   A                                 Christian Leaders Connection
  • 2017                  3rd                                     3                                   A                                 Christian Basics




Feb 2018- presently enrolled;   Dual program for a Master and Ph.D in Theology ,


Student Information
Student Name Richard Paul Condo
Student ID
Degree Program Parts – Credits Breakdown Credit Hours
Part I – Core Courses 15
Part II – Major Courses 8
Par III – Thesis Work 25
Total Credit Hours Required 48
Grades Table
(Assignment #1 = 60 of Possible 60) (Assignment #2 = 40 of Possible 40) (Total 100 of 100)
A = 100 of Possible 100 = 4.00 PTS (Excellent)
A- = 95 of Possible 100 = 3.67 PTS (Excellent)
B+ = 90 of Possible 100 = 3.33 PTS (Excellent)
B = 85 of Possible 100 = 3.00 PTS (Good)
B- = 80 of Possible 100 = 2.67 PTS (Good)
C + = 75 of Possible 100 = 2.33 PTS (Good)
C = 70 of Possible 100 = 2.00 PTS (Satisfactory)
D = 65 of Possible 100 = 1.00 PTS (Poor)
F = 64 or Below of Possible 100 = 0.00 PTS (Failure)


Part I – Core Courses Grade
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Bible Study Methods
Hermeneutics I
Intro to Systematic Theology
—Part I Course Grade Point Average (GPA)—

(Core Courses taken in the past may be transferred and credited upon receipt of transcripts.)

Part II – Major Courses Grade
Systematic Theology I
Systematic Theology II
—Part II Course Grade Point Average (GPA)—

(Major Courses taken in the past may be transferred and credited upon receipt of transcripts.)

Part III – Thesis Work Grade
Thesis Proposal
—Part III Course Grade Point Average (GPA)—
—Current Degree Program Grade Point Average (GPA)—

 Currently studying at the NorthWestern Seminary







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