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New Political Party In Canada

May 22nd, 2017 | by Richard Paul
New Political Party In Canada

After having watched the Liberals and Conservatives  beat Canadians for the last few decades. I have decided to form a political party to keep them honest. The Liberal Democratic Party of Canada is now a party within the rules and regulations of Canada, although not yet registered under election Canada.

Time will tell if I can muster up the required 250 signatures to meet the official status of being registered as a political party in Canada.

“As party leader, I will keep myself briefed on our economic situation as its deterioration keeps us moving backwards. Not to mention the dire needs of our aging population which does not have adequate care and facilities.

Over past decades, we have seen a greater number of laws that provide extra protections to one group, leaving all Canadians who are not part of that group with ‘lesser protection.’

We have seen the rise of Human Rights Commissions, which have become censors of our thoughts, motives, beliefs and words.

We have seen laws passed based on exceptional circumstances rather than on normal circumstances. In an effort to avoid the dramatic and sometimes heartrending complications of exceptional circumstances, all Canadians have been forced to pay a price in lost freedoms.

We have watched governments encroaching into the homes of Canadians, the historic sphere of the family, and robbing families of their right to self-govern.

It is to address these inequities, and other governmental abuses of power, that the Liberal Democratic Party of Canada wishes to provide Canadians with options

This will also include the vast under representation Canadians have had to endure these past few years under grave austerity measures, placing undue burdens on their financial security.”


So why do I think I’m fit to hold such a “trusted” position? It’s rather simple really. As a career criminal for most of my adult life, I see no visible difference between “us” and “them”. Other than I have ceased my past indiscretions and they have not. As a former career criminal, I am at the forefront of knowing how some seasoned politicians deceive the public when it comes to policy guidance and how economic realities are not part of the media package when it comes to informing Canadians on how best to navigate the rough waters.


My past experience allowed me to gain insight into various disciplines. Not only law and corrections. But the varied studied disciplines in our Canadian Universities.

Not only did I experience the Native scandals with regards to Residential Centers. I was also on the street as a junkie living the consequences of it. As with a road well travelled, my attempt at redemption lies not only in repentance but with deeds to follow thru.


Now married to a senior lawyer with 5 children. I think it’s best I voice my politics. Having now settled to build homes, make feature films, write books, publish works and magazines, study at University, and much more; more towards the woman who has abled my degree of perseverance thru it all. Without her , my confidence with which I strive today would have died on the streets long ago. Actually, I think of myself in a shameful and humiliated manner at times, since the thought of the burden too often would leave one weary. But she on the other hand has proved more than capable. A trait she may have passed on, after all.


Having now travelled the world throughout. The cultures of us all seem unique in, The great paradox.


Surely a criminal cannot rise to life?


Take 2

Richard Paul Condo

May 22 , 2017

Queen Victoria Day

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