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Queen Elizabeth II May Retire Come Mayflower

March 29th, 2018 | by Richard Paul
Queen Elizabeth II May Retire Come Mayflower
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There is a wild rumour going around which speculates it’s time for the Queen to allow the prince to become king. These rumours would not be the first time major newspaper chains have passed this one around.


According to the first wild rumours, “In 2017, Queen Elizabeth II delegated more of her royal responsibilities to Prince Charles than ever before. With her 92nd birthday approaching in 2018, along with Charles’s increasing number of royal engagements, there is speculation that Queen Elizabeth may finally name her eldest child King of England.” said the Newsweek magazine.


The Queen won’t be too happy if that is the case as the Ottawa Citizen is running a story today that has Princess Diana having an affair while Buckingham Palace restores the throne!



To be continued! In the meantime, here, is this song from the Bee Gees, Come first of May. May the Lord bless you .



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March 29th,2018


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