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Rod Taylor : CHP Church of the Latter Day Apocalyptics of Global Warming Warns Radical Environmentalism

April 20th, 2018 | by Richard Paul
Rod Taylor : CHP Church of the Latter Day Apocalyptics of Global Warming Warns Radical Environmentalism
Business and Finance

Rex Murphy

“Radical environmentalism has containment problems of its own”

“there remain the ninjas of extreme environmentalism: the various and legion NGOs, the acrobats of Greenpeace, the dubious think-tanks and “charities,” the foundations, foreign and domestic, the radical Indigenous groupings — all consortia who have been fully baptized and subscribe to every dogma of the science-settled Church of the Latter Day Apocalyptics of Global Warming. Professional scofflaws all, who claim the virtue of their cause is supreme over law, government, the national economy, or any other perspective other than their self-declared mission.” writes someone I know who ponders about the strange times we live in, in times of the bridges of spies, recognizing when the time is ripe for Hamlet to be executed.

Reminds me of Emeritus Professor of Economics Ottawa University who describes it like so;

 Shakespeare’s birthday: 23 April.

William Shakespeare, born 23 April 1564 (unconfirmed), baptised 26 April 1564, died 23 April 1616. It is also the 401st anniversary of his death.

We celebrate the 453d anniversary of the birth of of William Shakespeare. who taught us never to despair in our resolve to Seek the Truth and Confront the Lie.

“to unmask falsehood and bring truth to light”.

Signs of our times: war criminals in high office are celebrated as messengers of peace:

“And thus I clothe my naked villany, … And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.” (Shakespeare, in the words of King Richard III)

Those committed to “security by military means” have taken charge of the Nobel Peace Prize…

“Lawless are they that make their wills their law”.

The Lie becomes the Truth.

Realities are turned upside down.

War becomes Peace.

Incidentally, I woke up this morning refreshed and decided to send an invitation to CHP Party Leader Rod Taylor to reconsider the dogmatic and hateful agenda his policies and registered Party are actually made of, before I came calling again.

Dear Rod

I am writing to allow you an opportunity to comment on the story we will start on CHP and the Aboriginal controversy raging on in Canada and the potential Constitutional challenges being mentioned in the press this morning by Terence at the NP.

I understand you travel often in the Maritimes meeting with Aboriginal leaders and various organizations in your dark and Catholic endeavours, disguised as Christianity.

Can it be said you foster divisional and opportunistic rivalries reminiscent of the Holy See, as Pope Francis recently made comments he is open to further dialogue. But You, son of the devil keep us from fostering loving relations in Canada and seed your hatred now in the Maritimes. Even your platform can be alleged to be fostering on, what is known in our Laws, in Canada as hate Speech. And I would love to have the Federal Solicitor General of Canada check your books. The Hon. Ralph Goodale.

Many Thanks

PS. I would prefer we have these disussions in private please. The story will break today, I hope. Or has it already!

I was just about to print it as is on the Danielle Magazine site but perhaps it is wise I wait for an answer by noon today, which your clock is set on Eastern time,, as you did tell me you we’re going to be in Otatwa, about this time, last time we spoke, before I run the story.

Mi’Kmaq Pasteur Richard Paul  The Deep Chamber to Draculca’s Inferno; Not for the weak minded.

Ville the Quebec logodownloadfrontenac-2257154_1920

Bienvenue aux Quebec

Subject: Stefan's answer
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 09:11:53 -0500
From: Stefan Jetchick
To: haveaniceday (add "at" sign here)

Good day again Mr. Richard Paul Condo,

Three preliminary remarks:

First, no need to "CC" the world every time you send me an
e-mail. The whole purpose of putting our correspondence on
the Internet is that everybody who is interested can go and
read what we are saying to each other. Conversely, anybody
who doesn't give a rat's derrière about our conversation can
have peace and quiet.

Second, you say:

	>> I look forward to your response Mr.
	>> Taylor. It's now been decided by Stefan
	>> Jetchick that it should be so.

I don't give any orders to Mr. Taylor. He's my Leader, and
I'm one of his followers, not the other way around. And
this conversation is not posted on some kind of important
web site. It's just my own little personal web site,
unaffiliated to the CHP.

Third, if you bombard me with confusing e-mails, I'll just
pick what appears to be the most representative one, and
slap it on my web site, as is.

Now, on to your actual e-mail:

>> Accusations made against CHP by CDPC, The Christian
>> Democratic Party of Canada, against the Christian Heritage
>> Party of Canada:
>> 1) Capital Punishment
>> 2) Abortion
>> 3) Women's rights
>> 4) Marijuana
>> 5) Collusion with the world
>> 6) Leaven of the Pharisee and Herodians
>> 7) Hatred
>> 8) Divisions
>> 9) This ministry, CHP, is not blessed or commissioned by God
>> 10) Denying Jesus Christ's teachings, thus being Gnostic in their doctrine.

OK, so a nice tidy list of 10 accusations. Great! Let's
examine them one by one!

But oops! After making a nice tidy list, you then go on to
ramble about stuff unrelated to the first item on your

OK, maybe you're a bit confused. So lets skip over 342 words,
so we can look at your first accusation: Capital Punishment.

You seem to be against Capital Punishment, but you ramble for
another 315 words without really giving any solid defense of
your position.

Here is, in contrast, what I consider to be a solid defense
of Capital Punishment (it's actually an entire book):

	By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed

I strongly recommend you buy that book and read it carefully.
The two authors, Edward Feser and Joseph M. Bessette, are
university professors who have studied the topic and who lay
out the arguments in favor of the death penalty in a
well-organized way.

Anyway, since you don't even seem to bother to back up the
other 9 accusations in your list of 10, let's just stick
to the first accusation. I claim you are wrong. I claim the
death penalty is sometimes a good and necessary thing,
and Canada for most of its history has agreed. It's time
we re-legalized the death penalty, and started prosecuting
the many politicians who are guilty of genocide (millions
of Canadian preborn children have already been massacred
in abortion camps in our Country). And don't get me started
about traitorous "catholic" Bishops...

In Christ,


Mi’kmaq Aboriginal Pasteur Richard Paul: Trans Mountain Broke Back Starring Justin Trudeau & Elizabeth May Come To Pass!

Mi’kmaq Aboriginal Pasteur Richard Paul: Trans Mountain Broke Back Starring Justin Trudeau & Elizabeth May Come To Pass!



“Luke Skywalker trying to summon up the Force”


You have got to chuckled when a good story comes along on a Thursday evening and read one on “Luke Skywalker trying to summon up the Force, he must do or not do. In the immortal words of Yoda, there is no try. Following his pledge to build the Trans Mountain pipeline, noted Star Wars fan Justin Trudeau is in an existential moment. The consequence of failure is the collapse of his entire economic and environmental framework, not to mention reputational damage from which he might never recover,” writes an astute Ivison, jumping for a three pointer.


Mi’kmaq Aboriginal Pasteur Richard Paul

Statut Indien

Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation

Take 2








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