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Sins of Omissions: The United Nations Ignores Terrorism Within Syrian Rebel Organizations

April 15th, 2016 | by admin
Sins of Omissions: The United Nations Ignores Terrorism Within Syrian Rebel Organizations
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On October 23, 2012, Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Ja’afari sent a letter to the President of the United Nations Security Council and to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon listing 108 foreign individuals arrested in the Syrian Arab Republic .  All individuals were engaged in terrorist activities within Syria .  Many of these terrorists were members of Al Qaeda in Iraq , others were jihadists from Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Palestine, Egypt and Australia.

In an interview I had with Ambassador Ja’afari, he confirmed that this letter was also circulated to all United Nations committees concerned with counter-terrorism.  The letter was not translated from the Arabic for several months.  Although the relevant United Nations organs were established to address precisely the crisis of the international spread of terrorism, absolutely no action was taken by any of these United Nations committees to halt or even address this massive invasion into Syria by foreign terrorists who joined the Syrian “rebels.”

United Nations Resolution 1963, Adopted by the Security Council on 20 December, 2010 states:

“Reaffirming that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security and that any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable regardless of their motivations, whenever and by whomsoever committed, and remaining determined to contribute further to enhancing the effectiveness of the overall effort to fight this scourge on a global level.”

On November 21, 2012, Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari presented a second letter to the President of the UN Security Council, and to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, containing another list of 143 “Foreign and Arab individuals who were killed in Syria while carrying out their terrorist activities.  The list includes information about each individual:  name, age, date and place of death, and nationality.  The majority of the individuals entered the Syrian Arab Republic illegally, and they hold passports of different nationalities such as:  Qatari, Saudi, Tunisians, Egyptian, Sudanese, Libyans, Afghani, Jordanians, Turks, Yamani, Iraqi, Azerbaijani, Chechnya , Kuwaitis, Palestinians, Lebanese, Algerians, Chadian and Pakistani.”

Ambassador Ja’afari confirmed, in our interview that, again, the translation of the letter from the Arabic was delayed, inexplicably.  He confirmed that this second letter was again circulated to all United Nations committees dealing with counter-terrorism.  Again, absolutely no action was taken by these committees whose responsibility it is to halt the massive spread of terrorists such as are now invading Syria to join the Syrian “opposition.”  Absolutely no action was taken by the UN Security Council to halt this influx of foreign terrorists into Syria , or even to address these letters, despite the fact that many of these jihadists were members of Al Qaeda.

Evidently, all terrorism in unjustifiable, but some terrorism is justifiable.  This incriminating double standard is revealed in two resolutions adopted by the Security Council almost simultaneously with the Syrian Ambassador’s letters, which continue to be ignored.  Resolution 2078, adopted on November 28, 2012, on the Democratic Republic of the Congo states:  “Expresses deep concern at reports indicating that external support continues to be provided to the M23, including through troop reinforcement, tactical advice and the supply of equipment, causing a significant increase of the military abilities of the M23, and reiterates its demand that any and all outside support to the M23 cease immediately.”

On December 20, 2012, Security Council Resolution 2085, under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter was unanimously adopted, stating:  “Demands that Malian rebel groups cut off all ties to terrorist organizations, notably Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and associated groups, and take concrete and visible steps to this effect, takes note of the listing of Movement of Unity and Jihad in Western Africa (MUJWA) on the Al-Qaeda sanctions list established and maintained by the Committee pursuant to Resolutions 1267 (1999) and 1989 (2011) and further reiterates its readiness to continue to adopt further targeted sanctions, under the above-mentioned regime, against those rebel groups and individuals who do not cut off all ties to Al-Qaeda and associated groups, including AQIM and MUJWA.”

The United Nations failure to condemn the vast numbers of terrorists, particularly those affiliated with Al-Queda, infesting the Syrian “opposition” makes a mockery of the Counter-Terrorism apparatus, whose actions are too often politicized and applied “selectively,” confirming the observation that “All acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, but some acts of terrorism are welcome if they contribute to regime change in Syria (or in other independent states).”

On January 7, President al-Assad of Syria declared:

“We didn’t choose war, war was imposed on Syria…We are fighting those, most of whom are non-Syrians, who came for twisted concepts and fake terms they call jihad….and I believe that most of you know how this kind of terrorism was fostered three decades ago in Afghanistan by the West and with Arabs’ money.  After the mission of these terrorists ended with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, terrorism broke loose and started hitting everywhere in the Arab world, the Islamic world and then moved to the West…Syria has always been and will remain a free and sovereign country that won’t accept submission and tutelage.

That is why it has been a nuisance for the West….As for the West, the descendant of colonialism and owner of the first seal in the policy of division and despicable sectarian strife, it is the one who closed the door of dialogue, not us.  It’s used to giving orders to the submissive, and we’re used to sovereignty, independence and freedom of decision… because the West is addicted to hirelings and the subjugated, and because we’re raised on dignity and pride, and so we shall remain. …They call it a revolution, but in fact it has nothing to do with revolution.

A revolution needs thinkers.  A revolution is built on thought.  Where are their thinkers?  A revolution needs leaders.  Who is its leader?  Revolutions are built on science and thought and not on ignorance, on pushing the country ahead, not taking it centuries back, on spreading light not cutting power lines.  A revolution is usually done by the people, not by importing foreigners to rebel against the people.

Are those revolutionaries?  They are a bunch of criminals.”

On January 16, the New York Times reported former UN Envoy Kofi Annan “warning that the opposition’s insistence that Mr. Assad step down before any negotiations begin is perpetuating a stalemate and risking a descent into chaos.”  Former Syria advisor to the Obama administration, Frederic C. Hof  “wrote last month that although the opposition has offered general assurances to the one-third of Syrians who belong to minority groups, ‘probably no more than a handful believe it, especially as jihadist groups grow more prominent on the battlefield and issue videotaped calls for the restoration of the Islamic Caliphate.’”

This week Islamic terrorists kidnapped American, French, British, Japanese and Norwegian citizens, together with many Algerians, working at an internationally managed natural gas field in Algeria, killing numerous people.  According to The New York Times, “Energy experts expressed concern that the Algerian raid could signal a new strategy by Islamic militants to attack the West by focusing on Western-operated oil and gas facilities in the region.  Helima Croft, a Barclays Capital senior geopolitical strategist said if groups like Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ‘decide as a change in tactic they go after Western energy interests, then you have to look at a threat in all these countries.’”

The kidnapping this week in Algeria was masterminded by Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who got his terrorist training in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

President Assad stated, rightly, that:  “The Syrian opposition has nothing to do with revolution.  Revolutions are built on science and thought and not on ignorance, on pushing the country ahead, not taking it centuries back, on spreading light, not cutting power lines.”  The kidnapping this week in Algeria was masterminded by Mokhtar Belmokhtar,  one of many who got their terrorist training in Afghanistan in the 1980s, and then spread throughout the Middle East, Africa, parts of Asia, Chechnya and elsewhere.    These terrorists are not only claiming the lives of thousands of Syrian civilians and government officials, but as these barbarians inflict their sharia law, which violates every civilized protection guaranteed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the world is being driven back to the most primitive stage.  Amputations of limbs,, floggings and flaying to death, blinding schoolgirls with acid, stoning young girls to death is the trademark of these terrorists, reminiscent of the darkest ages of the inquisition and medieval superstition.

It is ironic, indeed, that on January 20, The New York Times front page stated:  “As the uprising closed in around him, the LIbyan dictator Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi warned that if he fell, chaos and holy war would overtake North Africa.  ‘Bin Laden’s people would come to impose ransoms by land and sea,’ he told reporters.  ‘We will go back to the time of Redbeard, of pirates, of Ottomans imposing ransoms on boats.’”    “In recent days, that grim prophecy has acquired a new currency.”  On page 15, the caption beneath the photograph of Qaddafi reads:  “His warnings before his ouster sounded melodramatic, but have proved to be prescient as the area has become easier for jihadists to operate in.”

One year following his murder, Qaddafi is being quoted as a prophet.  If the government of President Assad is destroyed, it is very probable that Assad’s words will soon, also,  be regarded as prophetic.

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