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The all great Canadian Bacon. Bank of Canada goes Conspiracy Nut!

June 20th, 2016 | by Richard Paul
The all great Canadian Bacon. Bank of Canada goes Conspiracy Nut!

An article recently penned by Brandon Smith goes on the describe how the Federal Reserve of the United States of America ( here in Ottawa the Bank of Canada is the equivalent) is dead set on crashing it’s own economy.”If you think the Federal Reserve’s goal is to maintain or repair the U.S. economy, then you will never understand why they do the things they do or why the economy evolves the way that it does. The Fed’s job is not to protect the U.S. economy. The Fed’s job is to DESTROY the U.S. economy to make way for a truly global system.”


Now think about this statement for a MOMENT. He is accusing the Federal Reserve of the United States of America, the world reserve currency, of deliberately conspiring to destroy not only its dollar but it’s own economy. Irregardless of it’s people or welfare. Which means if the Fed is in on it. This must by virtue of implications, include all other western Central banks, and /or institutions, are in collusion to “destroy” their own economies for the global system? For then central banks would not be playing along with currency wars. They would simply decouple from the world reserve currency and go it alone with other “sane” central banks. As per the Gaddafi playbook.


But the evidence points to the conspiracy being the case. Case in point. Ottawa just got rid of it’s gold not so long ago on the pretense that “”The government has a long-standing policy of diversifying its portfolio by selling physical commodities (such as gold) and instead investing in financial assets that are easily tradable and that have deep markets of buyers and sellers,” he said. Really, what we are being told as Canadians is that you and I would rather sale our gold for things like derivatives, stocks and bonds? What a joke. Somebody should get fired at the Department of Finance.


Of course if you read about what is going on in Brazil and Venezuela. One could make a case for such a huge conspiracy being undertaken by the worlds central bankers to dominate the world after all. (And then you could even bring in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine etc..)


Brandon goes on ; “All of these developments require careful planning and staging, not recklessness or random chance. Free-market economies tend to heal and adapt over time. Only constant negative manipulation could cause the kind of steady decline plaguing the U.S. ever since the Federal Reserve was forced into being.”


Reminds me of what the Qualicum Institute in B.C has to say.




The Problem

“The above chart illustrates the history of Canada’s federal debt; obviously something went terribly wrong after 1974. Over a 108 year period (1867-1974) the accumulated debt shows as nearly a flat line growing to only $21.6 billion. But around 1974, the debt began to grow exponentially and, over a mere 39 years, it reached over $600 billion in 2013.

So, what happened around 1974? In that year

“To achieve that goal, the Committee discouraged borrowing from a nation’s own central bank interest-free and encouraged borrowing from private creditors”.

The Basel Committee was established by the central-bank Governors of the Group of Ten countries of the member central banks of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which included Canada. A key objective of the Committee was and is to maintain “monetary and financial stability.” To achieve that goal, the Committee discouraged borrowing from a nation’s own central bank interest-free and encouraged borrowing from private creditors, all in the name of “maintaining the stability of the currency.”

The presumption was that borrowing from a central bank with the power to create money on its books would inflate the money supply and prices. Borrowing from private creditors, on the other hand, was considered not to be inflationary, since it involved the recycling of pre-existing money. What the bankers did not reveal, although they had long known it themselves, was that private banks create the money they lend just as public banks do. The difference is simply that a publicly-owned bank returns the interest to the government and the community, while a privately-owned bank siphons the interest into its capital account, to be re-invested at further interest, progressively drawing money out of the productive economy.”

And so there you have it folks. The great Ponzi Scheme is laid bare for all of us to became scammed by the men of “high” finances. On the pretense it’s good for us and that we don’t know economics.


(And as Comer points out. Which is suing the government over the Bank of Canada private corporation status. Information about this case is available on the Federal Court website. Search for court number T-2010-11.)


So yes, we are going to go global as the TPP makes quite clear. And as with the recently orchestrated  Brexit chaos from the shooting points out. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is meticulously mapped out for our future.


Just don’t sale your gold. And unlike bone head over at Finance. Do not diversify into anything but hard assets. Cash will be king and so will gold, silver and land with real estate. ( That’s if you have any money left) And yes, store food.


But Canadians are going to be bacon shortly anyways, as the Financial Post reported , and as “Most of Canada’s finance ministers reached an agreement in principle Monday to revamp the Canada Pension Plan, although Quebec and Manitoba have not signed on to the deal.” Why then worry today for what will happen tomorrow.

You can rest assured those who are sleeping, as the wall surrounds us, will get hit real hard when they hit that wall! Unless of course you opt for the assisted suicide clause Canada is pushing thru.

The Global Economic Reset Has Begun

Just ask John Perkins. This is what he had to say. “Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development(USAID), and other foreign “aid” organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet’s natural resources.. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on a new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization.”

As the Daily Bell stated.


“Within this context it could be that central banking is about to be rearranged as well.

First the central banks – and the larger monetary system – will be blamed. Then the monetary system will be reconfigured.

The last time this happened was after World War II when the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the United Nations all emerged from a series of rapid-fire elite conferences.

At the time, the famous socialist economist John Maynard Keynes argued for an international money as well, which he wanted to call the bancor. Keynes is no longer alive, but one way or another, perhaps he will get his wish.

Conclusion: The criticism of mainstream banking seems to us unprecedented. Something is going to happen. We’ve recommended that people prepare for it. Purchasing precious metals is one potential solution.”


Richard Paul



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