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The Hill Times publishers Ross Dickson, Anne Marie Creskey, and Jim Creskey. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

May 14th, 2018 | by Richard Paul
The Hill Times publishers Ross Dickson, Anne Marie Creskey, and Jim Creskey. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
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A letter from the publishers

Covering Canada’s federal government like it was our hometown is where we have staked our claim. Now we’re doing more of it.
The Hill Times publishers Ross Dickson, Anne Marie Creskey, and Jim Creskey. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Here’s some background about the start of a second weekly print edition of The Hill Times.

When the word got out that this would happen there was a fair amount of media attention, mostly positive. Maybe the news was well received because our decision to increase our publishing frequency seemed counterintuitive in a time of newspaper contraction for so many urban dailies. It felt like a sunny story in a gloomy climate.

Some of the comment was positively heartwarming, like that of Carleton University journalism professor Randy Boswell, who was interviewed by The Ottawa Business Journal.

“I know that it sounds unusual, given all we’ve heard lately in the Canadian news industry, butHill Times is a good model for the kind of news organization that can survive and potentially thrive in this media landscape,” he said. “A lot of news organizations would kill for the kind of loyalty and engagement that the people who subscribe to The Hill Times have.”

The Ottawa Citizen reported that, “The second print edition [of The Hill Times] was announced on the heels of the launch of a new Hill Times website this week.”

The website, by the way, now has a new foreign policy section,

J-Source, The Canadian Journalism Project website, reported, “The new Wednesday edition ofThe Hill Times will have more political content but will still serve those interested in diplomatic and foreign affairs news.”

In fact, we were learning that it was even more important for The Hill Times to connect the dots between foreign policy and federal politics.

In recent years, both political and civil service government were becoming much more vocal. In civil society and in lobby groups, there was also a new stirring. The capital had a spring in its step.

We could see that The Hill Times was going to have to expand its coverage of people, politics, and policy simply because there was more of it to cover.

Starting with this issue there are now Hill Times print editions twice a week and the news and opinion that formerly distinguished Embassy over the past 12 years has now found a home in the expanded Hill Times.

The distinctive editorial voices and expertise have moved into a new, more spacious, home where the larger political conversation plays a bigger role.

Back in the days of the Mulroney government when the first issue of The Hill Times appeared, it seemed like a simple job to publish a newspaper. Now we know that the flagship paper must be an anchor for a host of other services. For The Hill Times, it’s a member-access website, a daily briefing, and daily news updates. It’s a public policy events division, Hill Times Events, and three highly focused news and data services, Parliament Now, The Wire Report, and The Lobby Monitor. And it’s a small but growing book publishing division, Hill Times Books.

But at the heart of it, covering Canada’s federal government like it was our hometown is where we have staked our claim. Now we’re doing more of it.

We think the Wednesday Hill Times with new features, columns, and new coverage will round out the week in federal politics and government at a time when the week has become much busier. Enjoy.

We await your feedback.

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