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Explore The Type Of Your Relationship You Have With Your Partner

May 1st, 2016 | by admin
Explore The Type Of Your Relationship You Have With Your Partner
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There was a time when definition of relationship was one: two people in love and their bond was nurtured by a commitment of staying together till the last breath. But these are changed times as now we can categorized relationships in different parts. Let’s explore the type of relationship you are in.

Every individual has a certain taste and we keep looking for a person who befits the figure that our mind has made. Couples can be crazy and sweet at the same time. So let’s see what are the different types of relationships in today’s world?

The On/Off Couple: Oh in this one, many of you will find yourself doing the same. Couples get into a fight in the morning and by the time its lunch hour, they get back together. Its like they have different opinions on everything but they cannot live without each other either. This is kind of funny.

The Motivational Couples: This one is my favorite. Its like being each other’s rock and supporting one another in every go of life. Couples happen to inspire and encourage each other to achieve what they want. Such relations are long lasting than other kinds.

The Married Couples: I find it funny and assuring at the same time when sometimes my boyfriend calls me his wife already. These are the couples that really behave as if they are married. They finish each other’s sentences and make each other does crazy things for one another. Such couples look too adorable.

The Fitness Couple: The couple that gyms together-stays together! These are fitness savvy couples that like to spend time working out together and make a majorly stunning couple in appearance.

The Hipster Couple: These couples are people who don’t give a shit to the world. They always sway in their mood and stay happy. This is the coolest category of people who will eat that no one else will, who will visit most pathetic places where no one else will. Yet they make a beautiful couple as they inspire you to live life to the fullest, without the foe fear of the world.

The Long Distance Couples: Couples who have maximum phone sex, long night talks, major fights and instant breakups and patch ups- such couples are called long distance couples. They are sweet and sadists at the same time. But these kinds of people will give you the strength and teach you how to stick on to a relationship.

The Too Comfortable Couple: These are the people who just don’t mind anything. They are cool if you are using the toilet and they will just step inside. Having non-stop and unwanted conversation and then make out and sleep, yes guys, these are really too comfortable.

Well in all the couples, there is one thing common and that is sending I love you quotes. Girls keep collecting love quotes for him and the guy seems to enjoy all her efforts. World is full of crazy couples. Find out who you are!


Coleman Janifer

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