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Are Judeo-Christians Being Fooled Again: Part 1

February 23rd, 2018 | by Richard Paul
Are Judeo-Christians Being Fooled Again: Part 1
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There is a particular political party in Canada which uses the name of Judaism and Jesus Christ to advance its own ideological propaganda with an aggressive overtone while enabling itself to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, tax free, from unsuspecting Canadians in the name of Christianity. This party, The Christian Heritage Party of Canada ( CHP) is a registered party in Canada that receives over or near $370,000 a year from donations coming from members. When asked who they are, this is what starts their agenda,  “Yes. There are no denominational tests for membership, and no church directs our efforts. CHP members include Anglicans, Baptists, Brethren, Catholics, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Mennonites, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Reformed – and probably many others: we don’t keep track. From our various backgrounds, we come together to seek a consensus about the best way to apply proven Judeo-Christian principles of justice and compassion to Canada’s contemporary public policy needs.” Of course when it is said that  “we do not keep track” they are essentially telling Christians and Judaism, quite plainly, they have no problems fundraising to any and all Christian or Judeo ideology so long as it pays for their salaries. This would include the Jehovah Witnesses. When I say an ideology CHP advocates for is a Judeo-Christian worldview that is not found in the recorded Torah  תּוֹרָה‬  or Gospel but more in the secular realm of Roman rule, like Constantine and the Vatican controlling barbaric polices in the name of Judaism and Christianity, words to camouflage their real agenda. And what is their agenda? Will get to that shortly. However, before we do this, we need to examine carefully if indeed CHP follows Christian values to begin with and teaches according to the gospels.  The more one looks deeper into their organization the more one sees the deceptive nature of their ideology dressed in sheep’s clothing. Yes, the more one investigates carefully into the Christian Heritage Party of Canada, the more one gets a sense that its all a fake front to promote hatred, division, and a gnostic belief into the Divinity of Jesus Christ.

Founded in 1986, CHP has never had a single candidate elected, among the hundreds who have tried, not one has won a seat in Parliament. In fact, Canadians and Christians have chosen even more restrictive conservative governments over them throughout the years, rejecting outright their dogma. This, in and of itself, is very telling of the fear Canadians and Christians have of them. In fact, CHP advocates for various issues facing Canadians today, like, capital punishment, the rights to bear arms for self-defence, abortions, women rights, prisoner rights, the rights of mentally challenged people and the many more platforms they preach or spread in the name of Christianity but which are in fact not biblical at all. So let’s look at their true agenda, while we expose the lies, deceits and manipulations that are being exacted in the name of Jesus Christ. Let us examine very carefully their stated goals, intentions and policies towards being called a Christian party. So that we may ascertain what Christianity is really all about according to them. Likened to Luke’s gospel when he stated “it seemed fitting for me as well, having investigated carefully from the beginning, to write it out to you in consecutive order…”

Found in the recorded scriptures, in the gospels, records a man called Jesus Christ; a man attested by independent verifiable records to have lived at the time of the Roman Empire during the reign of Caesar Augustus (BC 63-14AD) Now found in those records is not one instance of those witnesses who ever heard or wrote His words ever hear Him say Capital Punishment is the way of justice. Not a single word is ever recored anywhere that Jesus Christ teaches capital punishment to be a righteousness founded in justice (other than the Old Testament). In fact, the records show Jesus was against capital punishment outright. No properly instructed Christian would ever believe Jesus Christ advocated capital punishment. His own words tell of turning the other cheek. To not cast the first stone but to forgive a sinner found to be guilty of a crime deserving death. In fact the records demonstrate clearly how Jesus instead of killing people, rose them from death itself. He gave life, He did not take life. Some may even believe He came so that we could become alive from our death when we disobeyed the righteousness found in the Law of God. Even on the cross, Jesus forgave the man beside him (a man who had been condemned to die on the cross by the then government in place), because he repented  and asked forgiveness. Indeed we should all believe this to be true. It is what we preach. That Jesus rose from the dead is the cornerstone of Christianity. That if the dead are not raised then Christ has not been raised. Then we are still in our wretched misery as sinners, death still has dominion over us.

If the Heritage party insists capital punishment is in the righteousness found in Christ Jesus, then it must follow they do not believe Christ to have rising from the dead because capital punishment is found in the Old Testament. Yet, the President of the Christian Heritage party is quoted as saying: “The basis for Capital punishment is found clearly in Romans 13”. Of course Romans 13 is valuable to any Christian and non Christian person when considering the functions of government. But in no way whatsoever does Romans 13 say capital punishment is the accepted norm. In fact it says the opposite!  The Christian Heritage party of Canada is violating the interpretations of Scriptures, explaining their doctrinal errors in plain sight. For you see my dearly beloved friend, Romans 13 tells us how the elected governments in our worlds are elected for the purposes of being ministers to administer justice. They are God’s governing authorities elected to establish a right sense of justice, which explains why Canadians elect any party but the Christian Heritage party. Thus demonstrating they are not speaking for God, nor do they have a mandate from Jesus Christ to go out and preach to the unsaved world. Instead they choose to defame the good name of Jesus Christ by insulting and vilifying our government. Wanting to overturn established laws which Canadians have agreed to and then subvert the good order of Canadians. Even after 31 years of existence they still keep insisting it’s God ways. As any fruitful Christians knows, God is not slow in bringing about justice. He is swift and just. Here is such an example found in their policy manual: “1.1.6. CANADA’S CONSTITUTION We affirm that the arbitrary conversion of Canada’s fundamental law from its Common Law origins to Charter Law has been a judicial and social disaster. CHP therefore advocates a full-scale review of Canada’s Constitution, including a process which will allow the people of Canada to have a voice in the shaping of any changes. The preamble statement recognizing the supremacy of God and the rule of law must remain in any new constitution. (See also 7.5.4)”

Yet, while CHP continues to invoke God in their discourse, they continually refuse to identify and interpret God as being Jesus Christ in their policies. Any courts interpreting God in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms can also give “God” to the various religions out there. There is a God for Hinduism, Muslims, Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, Church of the Latter Day Saints etc..The principle founder of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was Pierre E. Trudeau, in so constructing the Charter, Mr. Trudeau knew that “God” was an open interpretation for the Supreme Court of Canada to deal with, which would lead to liberalism in advocating a true freedom for everyone, not just some people but all people of Canada, which also explains why Canada is voted time and time again as the best country in the world to live in. That’s right folks, we are the best country in the world, by far !  I have travelled the entire globe to tell you it is true.

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I leave you with a quote from one of its members who ought to be heeded in his analysis: “I said something is wrong.  If you are following what God wants, you would have someone elected by now.  I said The Holy Spirit doesn’t operate that slow… It has been frustrating.  I kept telling them to listen to The Holy Spirit, let Him lead.  It seemed to fall on deaf ears.”


Thus began The Christian Democratic Party of Canada this day! With God Almighty as my witness to my folly .

February 26th, 2018

Richard Paul Condo





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