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Many Will Come In My Name

February 21st, 2018 | by Richard Paul
Many Will Come In My Name
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Not so long ago, as I was studying and still am at Northwestern Seminary enrolled in a dual degree program consisting of a Master’s and Ph.D diploma in Theology. I began getting ideas as to what the scriptures describes Christians to be “…. a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”  Which then set me on a path likened to Proverbs 16:1  “The plans of the heart belongs to man,  but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord”, which again set me on a course to begin such a plan or organization with purpose to shine a light for the Lord Jesus Christ, so as to proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called us out of darkness.

While thus so occupied I began a web site and thought to start a party or an assembly in Canada which would reunite all Christians together to proclaim such marvelous light to those who sit in darkness. Trying to get the churches in Canada out of the pews and into the mainstream consciousness and while doing this I found the Christian Heritage Party of Canada on the web searches for such organizations that attempts to bring all Christians together to form a united front into this marvelous light. So I decided to write them an email to see if we could join forces in order to go forward in a concerted effort for all Canadians. Consequently,  had a lengthy discussion with the party leader Mr. Rod Taylor on the phone, who, after some time in our conversation, invited me to become an active member within this party for which I was delighted. Thinking this to be so good. Got my credit card out and made our family members. But alas, it was to be short in duration, because after my wife read their Policy manual and their Constitution, she began telling me she did not want to be part of this dogmatic party. To some, this may appear to be promoting hatred in Canada, depending on how one interprets the Scriptures, of course or their own policy manual. It is safe to note that Canadians are very skeptical as to the reality or possibility that they are in fact Christians to begin with. In their 30 years as a registered party in Canada, they have never won a single seat with any of the many candidates that they have fielded in all general elections. So with millions of Christians in Canada, this pretty much sums up the whole of the matter. Now as to their individual salvation, I am convinced some are true Christians, which is why these true christians get bullied by the national leadership dogma.

First, their policy manual advocates for the death penalty. It is found in section 6.8.5  Capital Punishment: ” We affirm that man was created in the image of God and therefore all human life should be protected by laws that require the ultimate deterrence and punishment for the shedding of innocent blood. Government has a God-given responsibility to use its power to punish those who commit crimes and to protect those that are innocent. The law should provide for justice which includes capital punishment for those who commit first degree,premeditated murder.” They also advocate women staying at home (segregation)  and the right to bear arms for self defence and the protection of unborn children. They are against abortion.

Now in the ordinary sense of things, my wife and I were shocked at their aggressive overtones. If you want to protect children, are you then going to kill the mother for her premeditated killing of her unborn child? I mean, it is according to their interpretation of the law, since they are suggesting that all mothers who destroy their unborn child essentially should be subject to the law of capital punishment, if you follow the logic of their reading and interpretation of Scriptures.

Furthermore, I received an email from the National President of The Christian Heritage Party of Canada. Mr Dave Bylsma  His letter says the following:

“Well that was one of the quicker in and outs.  Thanks Richard for your interest.  You have declared something for which you have no Scriptural basis.  The sentiment is clearly a deeply held conviction but in the Christian Heritage Party we are bound only by Sacred Scripture.  The basis for Capital punishment is found clearly in Romans 13 and elsewhere.  Your passion is noted and appreciated but perhaps you may find a better fit elsewhere, all the other parties have a similar view on capital punishment to your own.”

Now with having Romans 13 to examine, we clearly see why it is that the Heritage party is mistaken on some of its fundamental truths. We, as practicing Christians, ought to obey the laws set out by our governments and not to promote a destruction of what we, as Canadians and Christians, believe to be the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, why should we, Christians, be bothered or concerned with what a political party in Canada wants to have as policies or changes in the law for this or that? The answer is rather simple: We are not concerned because our Lord told us how the world works. And He never wanted to become king to begin with, saying His kingdom is not of this world.

Now what is of deep concern for us, as a Christian brotherhood/sisterhood and a royal priesthood, is this: The Christian Heritage Party of Canada is promoting a Christianity that is not advocated or taught within the Scared text. Clearly anyone familiar with scriptures can tell anyone that love is the foremost of all commandments. To love thy enemies. To forgive and not to cast the first stone. Our dear beloved brother Paul would have stood up to condemn such heresies as he did when the gnostics proposed a new gospel.

This is why I have decided to judge according to the way they judge us and that is by the scriptures and the law, which means defending the name of Jesus Christ. His righteousness ought not to be disparaged. If it were a private matter we would leave it to the elders, but that they have now come out publicly to dishonor the name of Jesus Christ, then it must be made public. The Christian Heritage Party does not represent the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we, as Christians, politely request you to drop the name of “Christian” in your logo. Please use any other name you wish, but not that of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; Lord and Savior to all.

Support our heritage, traditions and election found in Ephesians as the true seed of righteousness thru Abraham, that it was reckoned to him thru faith, not works. And thru that faith produces works. Good works which He has created for us that we should walk in them.

Be careful of those who call themselves Christians in Politiks but inside are ravenous wolves. They prey on the unsuspecting.

Richard Paul Condo

Can be reached at


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